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Marketing Through Text

Text marketing is being used by many companies; both large and small. Big names like Dunkin’ Donuts and McDonald’s have been using it very successfully. Essentially, text marketing involves sending short messages to customers that inform them about discounts and product updates. It is mainly done in two ways, the first includes bulk sending in [...]

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Get Your Head in the “Cloud”: 5 Must-Have Mobile Apps for Business

With the smorgasbord of savvy mobile applications on the market today, there’s no need to limit your productivity outside of the office! When it comes to doing business on the road, you want your head IN the ‘Cloud’.  The mobile app ‘Cloud’ that is.  Check out my first string mobile app line-up: 5 Must-Have Mobile [...]

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Mobile Marketing Trends

Mobile marketing has long been viewed by marketers as a channel with tremendous potential. However it was not until recently that it started making its presence felt. There are many reasons for this sudden burst of energy. The explosion of smartphones and release of highly sophisticated and powerful mobile devices has put mobile marketing front [...]

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