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News For Newbies…from the “noobie” herself

In the online world of eCommerce, does it sometimes make you feel like you were truly “born yesterday”? Well, a while back, I was the new kid on the playground and took my first leap into the web development and branding industry. I was welcomed to the Turboecart Team and have found that everyday offers something new. As of today, I am going to share with you my experiences, and hopefully answer some of the questions you might have.

 The first answer I have for you is crucial, and that is…

 No question is a silly question!

Well, except the question I didn’t ask and assumed…and you know what assume means right?

 Read my section “News For Newbies” for my learning experiences at Turboecart.

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About Avery Newman

Avery is the newest member to our Team and is the Communication Manager at Turboecart. Her daily plan of attack is always strategic, which comes from her abilities to adapt and handle some extreme multi-tasking. Avery's receptive attitude allows her interact with clients, then push requests to the corresponding Team members and makes things happen! Coming soon is her section "News For Newbies", which records her daily learning experiences at Turboecart!

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